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FinTech providing a best in class banking solution for Freelancers

Fiat also introduced a sister branding agency to build out the Lili Pro product from brand identity through launch campaigns

Fiat efficiently increased acquisition spend from $20,000 / month to ~$2M in 1.5 years all while scaling a fixed CPA with user quality being paramount concern

We began working with the Lili team in 2020 with only a small amount of active accounts and have since surpassed 600,000 users

Fiat Growth built Strategic and Affiliate Partnerships channels helping Lili close 40+ partnerships over a 2 year period, many of which drove 10,000+ accounts in a given month

Our History

Fiat Driven Partnerships

Fiat has been able to identify and scale strategic affiliates while keeping CPA flat and use the learnings from successful campaigns to negotiate lower prices for new partners.


Fiat Driven

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