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Industry Updates

Stay in-the-know as the Fiat team shares their insights on all things growth.

Fiat 2021 Fintech Market Trends Report

This market trends report is a reflection of the different businesses, investment trends and new entrants that are seen across the space.

Fintech Trend Report – Influencer Marketing + Social Media

What many speculated was a bubble six or seven years ago has not crossed the $13 billion dollar valuation mark.

Fintech Deep Dive: Q&A with Fiat Growth’s Drew Glover

Fiat Growth operates a consultancy and venture arm specifically focused on Fintech. They work with over 30 different early and late stage Fintech startups.


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Industry Reports
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Download the latest industry reports.

Download the latest industry reports.


From FinTech to e-commerce, we’ve worked with companies of all stages and sizes to achieve their growth goals.

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