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A foundation
for success

What We Do


A productive sales funnel and happy sales team are the two main ingredients in building a successful sales organization. Fiat RevOps helps new and established sales teams identify opportunities across their production line.


Regardless of your organization's size or stage, our approach will  help you to develop a more streamlined sales process that aligns with your customer's needs. Our focus will be to:

  • Increase production per sales headcount

  • Achieve revenue goals while minimizing overhead costs

  • Decrease attrition through coaching and leadership framework


  • Team Structure

  • Scripts

  • Variable Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • Onboarding


  • Charted Sales Process

  • SLA’s & Cadences

  • Production Ramps

  • End-to-End Lead flow

  • Pipeline Management

Sales Ops

  • Dashboards & Reporting

  • Headcount Production

  • Capacity Modeling

  • Impact Solutions

  • Tech Stack


  • Manager Framework

  • Rep Development

  • Leadership Pillars

  • Daily Mindsets

  • Effective 1:1’s

  • Accountability

Enhance inter-team communication, integrate cutting-edge technology, and boost sales performance.

Building end-to-end

Revenue Operations

Who We Are

Tutt Mrasek is the General Manager of Fiat RevOps, the revenue operations and sales consulting arm of Fiat Growth. Fiat RevOps was founded to help Sales Leaders, Sales Teams and their companies get a more productive, happier and healthier outcome while building for the future. With a career spanning 18+ years of having built Sales Org’s, three of which created category leaders, Tutt has seen first hand the steps to success and failure that companies take.

  • Scaled 3 to 6 Rep inside sales teams into national Sales Orgs of 160+

  • Managed multiple Sales Orgs with annual revenues of $50mm to $100mm

  • 18 consecutive months of at least 15% quarter-over-quarter direct sales revenue growth

  • Maintained and avg ENPS of 83% with a 2% churn rate across all teams.

Tutt Mrasek
General Manager

Zach Hubert is the Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Fiat RevOps. Zach’s career has been exclusively in the startup space where he has built world class teams in sales and revenue operations for category leaders such as LendingHome and Sundae. Zach specializes in helping companies from seed stage through Series C and beyond. Growing small single market teams of 5-6 Reps to National teams of 60+. His expertise go far beyond just scaling teams. Zach helps our clients effectively build infrastructure, processes, workforce management, Tech Stack modeling and Leadership frameworks.

Zach Hubert
Sr. Director of Revenue Operations 

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