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A productive sales funnel and happy healthy sales team are the two main ingredients in building a successful sales organization. Fiat RevOps helps new and established sales teams identify opportunities across their production line. Through our experienced and thoughtful approach our clients consistently gain a more streamlined sales process, complimenting their customers timeline. An increase in production per headcount, making revenue goals more attainable while minimizing overhead costs. And decreasing attrition within a sales team by providing coaching on Rep development and a leadership framework.

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  • Team Structure

  • Scripts

  • Variable Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • Onboarding


  • Charted Sales Process

  • SLA’s & Cadences

  • Production Ramps

  • End-to-End Lead flow

  • Pipeline Management

Sales Ops

  • Dashboards & Reporting

  • Headcount Production

  • Capacity Modeling

  • Impact Solutions

  • Tech Stack


  • Manager Framework

  • Rep Development

  • Leadership Pillars

  • Daily Mindsets

  • Effective 1:1’s

  • Accountability

Fiat RevOps builds end-to-end Revenue Operations. Our clients see success through our experienced and thoughtful execution which ensures infrastructure, processes, scalability and leadership are the foundations you build on for the future of your Sales Organization.

Building end-to-end

Revenue Operations

Who We Are

Tutt Mrasek is the General Manager of Fiat RevOps, a revenue operations and sales consulting firm under the Fiat umbrella. Tutt started Fiat RevOps to help Sales Leaders, Sales Teams and their companies get a more productive and happier healthier outcome when building for the future. With a career spanning 18+ years of having built Sales Org’s, three of which created category King’s, he’s seen first hand the steps to success and failure that companies take .


Prior to starting Fiat RevOps, Tutt was VP of Customer Solutions at Sundae, a marketplace that connects home sellers directly with property investors. Sundae’s mission is to help homeowners get a better outcome when selling a distressed property off-market. During his two years at Sundae, Tutt took a small 6 person inside sales team and scaled it to a national sales org of 5 teams and 160+ Reps and Managers. This rapid growth was achieved while maintaining a 83% avg ENPS and 2% churn rate. 

Prior to Sundae, Tutt was Director of Sales at Unison, a residential real estate home equity investment company. During his two years at Unison, Tutt build a national sales org of 53+ Reps and Managers, increased direct sales revenue 15% quarter-over-quarter over 18 months. This growth accelerated annual revenue to over $65MM and 160% growth.

Tutt is originally from Michigan, aka the Mitten. Loves all contact sports, commonly goes but the nicknames Tuttle’s or Ginger Bear and has a BA in Audio Engineering and Music Production which applies to his career in no way.

Tutt Mrasek
General Manager

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